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Boat dock with raised pontoons on beautiful lake in northern Minnesota with blue sky and f


Refer to this page for general questions and please email us with any additional you may have

  • What if we have a problem while we are out on the water?
    By meticulously maintaining our rental fleet and providing you with all of the necessary safety equipment, we do all we can to minimize the possibility of any problems occurring. However, if you do encounter an issue that is not life-threatening, involving your rented boat during the rental period, please call us right away, at any time. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, please call the coast guard or dial 911.
  • Are dogs or pets allowed on your boats?
    Yes! Well-behaved pets are welcome on our rental boats.
  • Am I allowed to bring anything on the boat?
    We encourage you to bring whatever you like onto the boat as long it’s legal. Some suggested items would be sunscreen, beverages, and towels, to name just a few.
  • Do your rates include fuel?
    Please return the boat with the same level of fuel upon pick up. Or you may request to pay a fuel surcharge. ($30/.25 gallon)
  • Will I be held liable for any damage to the boat?
    Yes. You will be charged for damages if you or someone in your group does damage to the boat.
  • What About the Weather?
    Florida in Summer you will almost certainly see a chance of rain EVERY SINGLE DAY, normally somewhere between 30 and 50%. Do not let this freak you out!! What a 50% chance of rain means is that it is going to rain somewhere in the county area and this will more than likely be INLAND in the late afternoon. The coastal areas receive a lot less rain than inland as the sea breeze tends to keep the storms inland, away from the coast line.
  • Do I need a boating license to rent a boat in Florida?
    Boat drivers born AFTER 1st January, 1988 are REQUIRED to have a Boater Safety Card. State Law requires a Boater Safety Card to be physically carried on you with picture ID. Drivers born BEFORE 1988 only need to have a valid driver's license from any state or country. Click here Take your Boater Safety Test.
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